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Over 15,000 Ad salespeople and management trained to date


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Listen to Bob’s Tele-Seminar

This type of seminar eliminates the time, expense, and hassle of traveling to a sit down meeting, and being away from work and family. All they need is their telephone. Think of Bob Berting’s Tele-Seminar as an instant workshop by telephone. There are 5 one hour sessions over 5 weeks.

What Bob Can Do for You

Bob’s mission is to be a trusted advisor and to develop relationships with clients through sales training, consultant services, and customer marketing seminars. All of his effort is aimed to help management inspire employees to have a better attitude and to be more productive. Bob can provide you and your sales staff with clear, precise, and practical tools…

What Customers Say About Bob

“He offered solid steel sales tools our salesperson can use every day.”

“Our pleasure and opportunity was to be influenced by his extensive newspaper and ad agency experience.”

“His real life sales experiences were extremely helpful to our salespeople.”

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Columnist For Your Publication

Bob’s provocative articles run in many national, regional, and state newspaper association publications. His content is always on target for the newspaper industry. Publication readers praise his dedicated approach to every facet of newspaper management and advertising sales staff work. For a sample article, e-mail your request to

Bob’s EBooks in the Newspaper Industry

Berting BookBerting Sales BookDon’t miss these two best selling books by author Bob Berting. Bob’s first book, Dynamic Advertising Sales and Image Power is a best seller and is a sought after resource for rookies and experienced advertising sales pros. Bob’s second book, Advanced Selling Skills For the Adventure Sales Pro has fast become a go-to reference guide for advertising sales pros as well. Bob is a newspaper marketing consultant and Sales Trainer, newspaper sales Seminar and workshop leader, columnist in many newspaper trade publications, and has conducted over 15000 live seminars and tele-seminars for advertising sales staffs, their customers, and print media associations.


Consultant Services

Bob’s motto is “There is no substitute for experience”. His many years of experience in the newspaper industry makes his consulting service more valuable. He truly understands the needs of newspaper management both for sales training and service to their advertising customers. For more information, e-mail your request to

“There is no substitute for experience”