How You Can Sponsor A Seminar For Your Customers

First, you invite your inactives, regulars and prospects to a dynamite, all day program that is sure to please them and make them far more receptive to your sales approach.

The promotion for this event has to be enthusiastic and well-planned. Many publishers run a front page article and picture of the seminar leader 6 weeks in advance of the seminar, which is followed one week later with a large display ad.  The ad is converted to a flyer which all salespeople distribute to the area merchants one week later (4 weeks in advance).

The merchants can be charged (suggested price is $50.00 each) and they will gladly pay it . . . because it’s a bargain that they can’t pass up.  You can supply lunch at which time they can do networking exercises.

The third week in advance is for phone follow-up and reminders to the merchants of how the seminar will benefit them.  The second week in advance is for fine tuning customer contact and one week in advance is the final registration date.

Pick out a pleasant place to meet, get a dynamite seminar leader and you will have a very special event that your customers will not forget.

The following guidelines will give you a clearer picture of how to handle the logistics program:

Handouts.  Imprint file folders with the name of your publication. Enclose all hand-outs and specific information about your publication. Hand these out at the beginning of the seminar so attendees can scan and get a preview of the seminar.

Welcome and Ground Rules.  Start by welcoming the attendees and tell them the general plan of the day, so they know how long sessions will last, when to expect breaks, etc.  Invite questions at any time about the program, registration, etc.  Encourage attendees til fill out and return the evaluation sheet.

Tell attendees how to get the most from the day’s seminar:

Set Goals.  “Think about three goals you want to accomplish today.  Jot these down and look at them during the program.  You’ll see yourself focusing more on these areas and at the same time putting a little more into learning.”

Network.  “There are many different businesses and organizations attending this seminar.  We urge you to meet a new face, learn about a new industry, share ideas about business, and exchange cards. Networking is a very practical way to broaden your business.”

Ask Questions.  “Our speaker will stand-by, during breaks and after the seminar, to answer any questions.  Our seminar is designed to give you the best benefit of attending ­ answers to your questions.”

Share and Appreciate.  “In many cases, your boss paid for your fee and gave you the time to attend this seminar.  Go back to your office and share your knowledge and show your appreciation.  Say thanks to yourself (and your boss) for taking the time to understand advertising and all it involves.”