Thinking about the Spiders

There continues to be a  battle to enhance publication online presence and  to  be concerned about search engine optimization.  When the spiders and electronic robots visit your publication website, do they represent interested readers who will trust and believe in your journalistic expertise or just curiosity seekers who just want to grab bits and pieces of your news content. The burning question is  whether you are going to charge for your content or continue to run chunks of it on your website without charging? The answer lies in how much your audience wants your selected online local  news to pay for it. Clearly it could be different from your print publication. For example, if you have a weekly publication and a story breaks between publication dates, it can run on your website. Most free papers are happy just to have paid advertising on their website and not worry about news content being paid.

People still want to read an actual newspaper

While the public is being bombarded by new technology like the Amazon Kindle

phenomenon, they need to make a decision as to what really is important in their reading habits. These habits can involve buying an actual book in a bookstore or a local newspaper that is delivered to their home or in a rack at a business location. Contrary to negative mass media , people still want local news. What is really interesting is to visit a popular bookstore like Borders or Barnes and Noble. You would think they would be deserted because of the internet or Kindle, but what a surprise to find these stores crowded with people of all ages shopping for books.

The newspaper website

Although having a great looking website is important, there should be a balance between the advertising in your print product and your online product. Strategically, if you strive for dominant ads in your print publication, you must also emphasize dominant banner ads on your website. Too many times, there are a cluster of small website ads than keep running week after week until they eventually fade away in time.

Current online sales training programs

A major drawback in current online sales training is that much of  it is conducted by trainers who have never worked in the newspaper industry. To make things worse, the material being taught could be given to salespeople in practically any other industry. The answer is to know that your salespeople are learning from a newspaper expert and who customizes the material to the newspaper industry.