Let’s go to the movies

When a movie turns out to be good or bad depends on a variety of things depending on the director, cast,  music, and editing. This principle applies to  successful advertising campaigns which encompass strategy, execution, marketing, creativity, graphics and copy. Let’s look at instant recognition and customized imagery. A basic principle of publicity for movie stars is to make them instantly recognizable. This principle applies to creative advertising, by a distinctive layout style, use of typefaces, unique style of art, use of color or some element that is dramatically different from the competition, which is customized imagery.

In the movies, there is a theme that needs to be established at the start of the film. In a display ad, there is an optical weight of the ad, which in effect, sets the stage for the reader to be motivated to continue reading—in effect like the early movie theme. This optical weight is the upper left hand quadrant of an ad. Creativity can start in that quadrant namely with a well designed logo, the start of a provocative headline, a dominant eye-catching graphic and possibly spot color. It’s not easy to create an award winning movie. It’s also not easy to produce an award winning ad campaign. The key is for the advertiser to tell the story of his or her business.  This story is the movie about their business.