Creating new ideas for savvy publications


In today’s newspaper work place, expanding opportunities and challenges are good for creativity. In truth, great ideas are universal—and in most cases, the greater the idea, the more universal it could be.

                                                                The Size Of The Publication

Does the size of the publication have much to do with the size of the idea? Not much! After all, many times we know the greatest ideas are created by just 2 people working together—the advertising salesperson and the graphic artist. The large publication can provide more resources for people, but size can also mean bureaucracy. For example, many newspaper ad departments are largely open and free with no elaborate offices. The idea is to build your publication without sacrificing your freedom.

                                                                  The Creative Outlook

Graphic artists at publications should have the right attitude, not a style. This attitude should be a combination of curiosity and sensitivity. In other words, there must be an instinctive interest and curiosity in the business world as it is…..and the sensitivity to reflect the world as it is—in their work.

Presentation Prospects

Most advertising sales presentations are heavy with newspaper industry jargon… and mostly out of date. If the prospective client finds themself listening to a 30 minute opening, before the actual campaign presentation, they might wish they were listening to another competitor. This opening could involve extensive interviewing of the prospect and asking a laundry list of questions, which is bad, because most companies have a website which will provide most of the information needed.

The critical element of creative advertising

Whether a movie turns out to be good or bad, depends on the director, the cast, the story, the music, and editing. Successful ad campaigns are strategy, execution, marketing, creativity, graphic art, and copy…. everything is critical. One slip up, one second rate element, and a planned campaign can turn into a probable disappointing flop.


Today’s Newspaper Advertiser

Today’s advertisers are very knowledgeable. They know advertising, inside and out. They study it in books. They get on the internet constantly, and attend seminars by leading advertising experts. With knowledge comes cynicism. For this reason, campaigns which are designed for the creative satisfaction of the newspaper graphic artist many times do not work…as are campaigns designed to win awards. The customer is looking for results, not overly designed ads.

The Bottom Line

It’s not easy to be trusted anymore…you have to get things right, time after time, time after time. In the customer’s eyes, you have to be a trusted advisor that tells the story of their business.The reality is that you must be absolutely trusted and absolutely believable.