Power Selling sentences For Advertising Salespeople That Work

In sales training for publication salespeople, there is always the obligatory closing techniques which  are sometimes mind boggling and at times hard to remember, especially when the prospect continues to be in denial of the publication benefits after a thoroughly wonderful presentation. Some of the important points of closing techniques can be described in the following:

  • To establish value before closing
  • Empathy vs. sympathy
  • Emotion vs. logic
  • Transference of feeling
  • Giving testimonials

However in my sales training I have found that salespeople need to be armed with ways to close with power selling sentences that have an impact on converting the prospect to be motivated and sign a contract for a meaningful campaign or long range program. They are:

“Let’s get started on this campaign in our next issue

“I think this is the best program for you that money can buy…I think you ought to go with it”

“Can we move forward on this?”

“I understand what you want, and this ad series, in my view, will solve many of your problems. I think we should go with it.”

“After careful market research, we think this advertising plan will really build your image. Let’s set it up today.”

These tested closing sentences have been used by me in countless real life situations and are very effective. If the advertising salesperson can say them using the right voice inflection with a high degree of sincerity, they can achieve better closing results. If you use any of them, I’d like to hear from you about how effective they were. You can e-mail me at bob@berting2.mystagingwebsite.com.