The internal challenges for the advertising sales team in 2017

Newspaper publication ad sales can be a tough profession. These salespeople do everything possible to have a positive attitude, be very creative, help their customers in every way possible and really care about the business community they serve. Because of the troubling economy, it’s important to focus on improving the performance of the sales team in 2017.  Many sales managers will lament about their sales force and their ability to dramatically build sales. The critical problems in most cases is that their salespeople are either not motivated or don’t feel they have the expertise to present new packages which involve all the latest bells and whistles of digital audience extension programs.

The power of enthusiasm

We always like to be around people who truly enjoy what they do. Your customers enjoy working with your advertising salespeople when they are enthusiastic. Enthusiasm is a sign of belief that people can trust. However enthusiasm should radiate from newspaper management. If these people are low-key, aloof, and too reserved, this could affect the enthusiasm of the entire sales team.

Greater self worth is created from self esteem

This is probably one of the greatest assets of a successful publication sales team. They believe in themselves. Management always has to keep the self-esteem of the sales team at the highest level. This can only be done by respecting the sales force as professionals and constantly working with them to help achieve their goals. Sales management has to instill a good team attitude every day. If he or she is someone who is preoccupied with worry and negative beliefs, this could have a negative effect on the attitudes of their salespeople.

Investing in the knowledge of the sales team

Positive thoughts need to be projected to the sales team every day and this can be helped with the development of a reference library of self-help books, podcasts, and videos. Although a lot of instruction can be obviously gathered on the internet, it is more apparent to management when they see their salespeople handling the reference materials in person.   Also listening to audio CD’s while driving between sales calls is an excellent way to develop “spaced repetition” learning.


Having more fun in 2017

Probably the most important way of having fun is the use of humor in advertising. This is powerful and the sales team needs to brainstorm how to effectively create more humor in their customer’s ad campaigns. The readership of a publication can be greatly enhanced by the overall strategy of more provocative and clever headlines in the ads. Readers gravitate to that type of advertising because they are intrigued by that approach and want to see what will happen in continuing campaigns, every week.