When one ad is not enough

Did you sell an ad for your newspaper today?

If you did, you may be wasting some of your advertiser’s time, your newspaper’s time, and your own time.

You may be affecting the results for your advertisers—and you may be leaving advertising dollars on the table for your competition to gobble up. The strategy of selling a single ad does not work in building a prosperous sales territory or helping new and existing advertisers reach their marketing goals.

Let’s explore a much better selling strategy

The strategy is an advertising campaign or program selling strategy which affords you, your newspaper and your advertisers 2 major benefits: saving time and creating / enhancing results. The elements of a campaign or program will include a series of ads within a time frame, coupled with an “audience extension” digital advertising approach, which can include banner ads on the publication website, mobile, and social media. This package approach is projected to a prospective advertiser in a reach and frequency format. An ideal approach would be to propose a yearly program of 52 print ads coupled with online ads on the publication website, and mobile. This approach has to have an anticipated goal or outcome. If these elements are NOT present and approved at the outset of your advertiser’s schedule, you will find yourself selling single ads to this advertiser.

A major element is consistency

One of the major elements in any successful advertising campaign or program is consistency, not repetition of the same message, but rather a consistent planned advertising program. Here the advertiser’s name and overall message is before the potential audience on a long range basis.


Help your potential advertiser understand the need to plan

The emphasis here is to thoroughly plan their advertising strategy to produce the desired results. Demonstrate to them that sporadic and infrequent advertising does not work. Consistent advertising, in good times and slow times, delivers the ongoing results and business growth. Selling an idea, a campaign, rather than a single ad, has numerous benefits for your potential advertiser, your newspaper, and you.

The potential benefits to you are numerous

Simply put, selling an idea, a campaign, rather than one ad, enhances your ability to manage your territory or account list. It helps achieve maximum revenue generation for your publication and YOU, saving time, money, and effort. Selling an idea and a campaign is selling smart, not harder. You will be spending more creative time and less production and crisis reaction time. There will be more opportunity to spend more time getting to know and help your customers to succeed, which in turn will help your successful professional and personal growth.

The bottom line reality

The reality of all this discussion boils down to this scenario. The potential advertiser convinces you that he or she wants to test your newspaper with a one time ad. This most often can lead to a situation where you are trying to convince them, week after week that your paper is right for them. The logical choice is that they can trust you as a professional consultant and believe that your publication should be the major player in their media mix.

This trust leads to the decision that they will agree and commit to a budget for a campaign or long range program with you…and not a single ad.