Pumping Up Your Advertising Sales Income

Many publishers love to create one time promotions—lots of them. Many sales staffs get burned out with these one time promotions. Customers may not react well to this approach because they are asked to spend more money on advertising that is not part of their original planned program to tell the story of their business.

However, the customer might be more receptive if he or she could be part of an area promotion that would have them participate with fellow merchants in their shopping center, small town, or business community. These promotions can run monthly and have a theme that would be beneficial to all the participants. What is needed is a yearly plan that would involve getting the merchants to commit to a 12 times program—either as a new advertiser or regular advertiser. The merchants can be rewarded by giving them free or at cost promotional services.

The power of subject promotions

Your advertisers and prospective advertisers could also enjoy being part of a subject promotion. Typical subject promotions are: apartment living, dining and entertainment, home decorating, building and home improvement, bridal, etc. Subject promotions are great for giving a rotating picture and story schedule to the participants. These promotions can be 12x a year or if they are seasonal they could run 6x a year. Subject promotions are a powerful way of connecting with business categories that can yield a lot of new business, Put your subject promotions in your yearly planning schedule with the area promotions and this overall mix could yield a huge amount of overall new business that could really pump up your sales volume.

Will the sales department like it?

Once you have the yearly promotion calendar planned, the sales department looks at the total picture and begins to realize the potential business that can be achieved. When the yearly contracts are signed, all the salespeople have to do is to service a huge, new source of business that pours in every month—and not have to fight every month to build sales volume with one-time promotions. Beyond this new source of business, it will soon be apparent that the promotion sales volume can be a springboard for even more spin off ROP business. Once all the 12x contracts are signed, the final step is to send out the 12x schedule with monthly themes and any other sales promotion materials that compliment each promotion. The final stage for this effort is to keep the enthusiasm alive with the participating merchants in their respective promotions. The sales staff should have no problem keeping enthusiasm alive.