The Trust Factor

If building relationships is the key to advertising sales success, then trust is the foundation. Ask any top advertising sales performer what is their success and you’ll hear that building trust is absolutely vital in their relationship with customers. But how do you build trust? Trust is built over time and is all the little things you do that makes a difference. When it comes to earning a customer’s trust, actions speak louder than words. Sometimes it takes a little more time and effort to forge that bond, but trust is the most important factor in developing long range relationships. The 4 elements of trust are: competence, reliability, intentions, and appearance.


When you know advertising and your publication well, you will inspire the customer’s confidence. They will look to you for answers to their problems, so make yourself a well read resource. Take constant responsibility for your own career growth and sales expertise. Do the things necessary to encourage your customers to have faith in you.


Your reliability will be the most important factor in their decision to trust you. Position yourself as a problem solver in correcting problems quickly and efficiently. Like it or not, your reliability may suffer due to a careless sales secretary or absent minded service person, so insist on a high level of performance from everyone who comes in contact with your customers


At certain times, your relationship may get off track due to some glitch in communication. But if the customer knows your intentions are good. You usually will have a good chance to redeem yourself. Emphasize that their needs come first and you’ll do whatever it takes to earn their complete trust and satisfaction


Though appearances can be deceiving, sometimes you can judge a book by its cover. If you drive a clean, late model car, and have a well-groomed, professional appearance, customers will be more than likely to view you as the representative of a reliable, well established publication. Enhance your image further with good posture, a broad vocabulary, a clear voice, and frequent eye contact. The latter says to the customer “you can trust me”.


The Bottom Line For Trust

Placing an ad campaign with a publication salesperson involves a certain amount of risk for many customers. They don’t know if the salesperson will deliver everything that was promised or whether the salesperson is motivated by financial gain or truly wants to help. When                                                you put your customer’s mind at ease  (trust), you have made yourself a valuable asset to them. The more your customers trust you, the greater the odds that your profitable relationships with them will last a long time.