Proposing an Advertising Business Marriage

For the advertising salesperson, their customer is thinking a buying decision usually means a decision to enter into a long term relationship with them and their publication. It is much like an “advertising                                                                                                                                                              business marriage”. Before the customer decides to buy, he can take you or leave you. He or she doesn’t need your publication. But when your customer does finally make a decision to buy from you, and gives you money for your advertising service they can become dependent on you. And since they probably have had bad buying experiences in the past, they can become very uneasy and uncertain about getting into this kind of dependency relationship again.

Your promises must be fulfilled

What if you let the customer down? What if your advertising doesn’t work as promised? What if you don’t service the account as you promised? You can’t sell a long range program and then get complacent. The ad sales professional never loses their attention to detail and accuracy just because a new account is sold. These are real dilemmas that go through the mind of every customer when it comes time to make that critical buying decision.

Concentrate on the relationship

Because of the mixture of print, digital, and social media today, the relationship can sometimes be more than the product. The customer doesn’t know how your publication will function or how he or she will be treated after they have given you their money. So in reality, the customer’s decision is based on how they can trust and believe you.


Building a solid trust

Here is the important bottom line to this article and worthy of a lot of thought. In many cases the quality of your relationship with the customer is the competitive advantage that enables you to edge out your competition. The quality of the trust bond that exists between you and the customer can be so strong that no other competitor can get between you and that customer.