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Tips for coaching the sales team

      By Bob Berting, Berting Communications Because of their value to the publication, it’s very important to focus on the performance of the sales team. While many sales managers will lament about the sales force and their inability to build advertising sales, the critical problem is that the salespeople are simply not motivated. In my […]

A hazard 0f publishing–losing salespeople

What can be done to develop the sales team and avoid losing sale team members? Let’s look at some guidelines that will give us a plan:  Many publishers who have large chains, massive coverage, or are the only dominant force in their market, sometimes have a false sense of security. Attending trade conventions, where a […]

Proposing an Advertising Business Marriage

For the advertising salesperson, their customer is thinking a buying decision usually means a decision to enter into a long term relationship with them and their publication. It is much like an “advertising                                              […]

The Trust Factor

If building relationships is the key to advertising sales success, then trust is the foundation. Ask any top advertising sales performer what is their success and you’ll hear that building trust is absolutely vital in their relationship with customers. But how do you build trust? Trust is built over time and is all the little […]

Technology doesn’t make up for poor salesmanship

In today’s print media trade publications, the pages are hot with articles about new technology. Everyone is racing to out-do each other with the latest technological gimmicks. But in this business world that’s changing rapidly, there is still the overwhelming need for advertising salespeople who are innovators and problem solvers. The publication salesperson who can […]

You’ve only got 3 seconds…

That’s right, only 3 seconds for the headlines of your ads to get the attention of your readers and get them to move forward with reading your ads. Today, even with all the endless discussion regarding the headlines in ads, I am still amazed at the way ads are designed. I’m also not surprised at […]

The pro-principle salesperson

In the real world of advertising sales, many publications could fall Into these broad categories: Sausage Grinder This publication pushes immediate income and has their salespeople push one time promotions and bring ads in on a crash basis. Their salespeople are perceived as order takers. All activity is on a treadmill and there is a […]

Pumping Up Your Advertising Sales Income

Many publishers love to create one time promotions—lots of them. Many sales staffs get burned out with these one time promotions. Customers may not react well to this approach because they are asked to spend more money on advertising that is not part of their original planned program to tell the story of their business. […]

The big idea–a seminar for your customers

First you invite your inactives, regulars, and prospects to a morning marketing seminar that is sure to please them. The theme could be: “Creative strategy to give more impact for your advertising budget”. Even though the seminar is an educational seminar about understanding a good media mix with top of mind awareness, there will be […]

When one ad is not enough

Did you sell an ad for your newspaper today? If you did, you may be wasting some of your advertiser’s time, your newspaper’s time, and your own time. You may be affecting the results for your advertisers—and you may be leaving advertising dollars on the table for your competition to gobble up. The strategy of […]