The Western Producer (Saskatoon)
Central Michigan / Star Publications
Kapp Advertising Services (Lebanon, PA)
The Advertising Network Publications (Illinois)
Ft. Walton Beach Chamber of Commerce
21st Century Newspapers (Mt. Clemons, MI)
Chesapeake Publishing Company
Flyer Publications (Central Indiana)
Indianapolis Recorder (Indiana)

A. Arnold World Class Relocation (Kentucky)
Frankfort Chamber of Commerce (Indiana)
Heritage Newspapers (Southgate, MI)
Hardware Wholesalers, Inc.
Western Newspapers (Arizona)
Engle Publishing Company (Pennsylvania)
Monroe Evening News (Michigan)
The Papers (Milford, IN)




Missouri Press Association
National Assoc. of Hispanic Publications
North American Mature Publishers Assoc.
Community Papers of Michigan
Apparel Retailers of America
Hoosier State Press Assoc.
Kentucky Press Assoc.
Automotive Service Assoc.
Tri-State Monument Assoc.
National Newspaper Assoc.
National Retail Hardware Assoc.
Advertising Club of Indianapolis
Midwest Free Community Papers
Wyoming Press Association

Ontario Weekly Newpapers Assoc.
Texas Community Papers Assoc.
Town Planners Assoc. of America
North Dakota Newspaper Assoc.
Michigan Press Assoc.
Credit Union League of Indiana
Indiana Small Business
Development Centers
Alberta Weekly
Newspapers Assoc.
British Columbia
Community Papers Assoc.
Independent Free Papers of America
Mississippi Press Association