One Hour Topic Sessions

How To Be a Local Hero in Your Community
In this session you’ll learn how to improve your image and credibility. Also increase your potential for getting new business.

  • What the individual can do to be a local hero.
  • Mistakes trying to be a local hero
  • Open house and customer seminars
  • Effective selling presentations

How to use humor for more effective advertising
Humorous advertising need not cost a fortune to produce. Even on a limited budget, a business can use it with notable success.

  • Building great campaigns—the big idea
  • Humor 101 in advertising
  • Legendary Humorous advertising stories

The power of effective networking
Networking is predicated on the concept ”what goes around, comes around”. If you freely give business to others, they will give business to you. It is a “givers gain” philosophy. Networking can lead to building strong business relationships.

  • The Lone Ranger mentality
  • Contact spheres
  • Setting up a business networking meeting
  • Structured networking exercises—small group roundtables

Saga of the spec ad layout
How advertising copy is organized between the client and the salesperson. How the salesperson can do rough layouts to present to the graphic design artist. How spec layouts are presented to the customer.

  • The salesperson role as trusted advisor
  • Critical action before leaving the customer
  • The role of the graphic design artist
  • Spec ad or campaign presentation –salesperson can take artist