Seminars & Workshops

Sales Staffs
“Getting New Business – and Keeping It,
with Integrity Selling”

Bob Berting has built a solid reputation as one of America’s top advertising/sales consultants and has motivated thousands of salespeople to achieve their goals and give peak performance in all aspects of sales activity.

Participants will learn:

  How to build motivation and inner strength

  How to develop solicitation techniques that work.

  Three call system to establish credibility, build trust, and solidify belief  Selling against media competition

  Creating eye-catching ads and campaigns

  Ad campaign small group exercises


Sales Staffs
“Working with Hard-to-Please Customers”

A one hour segment included in other Berting Seminar Programs. . . or a stand-alone presentation

Participants will learn:

  How to build self esteem and self motivation

  Group team work – Geese Team Strategy

  Policies that produce problems

  First brain communication for rapport building

  Voice vitality – projecting self-confidence/personality  How advertising affects your customer’s image

  Guidelines to make happy customers

  Customer Bill of Rights – group input

  Hard-to-please types

  Action plan for positive changes


Sales Training
“Power Performance Skills
for Greater Sales and Image Power”

 This one to two day sales training program format is designed to give maximum effectiveness in the selling process and not “fluff” material that will waste time in the learning arena.

Participants will learn:

  Individual development – building self motivation

  Motivational study program

  Personal time organization – 4 quadrant approach

  Working with others in a cross-functional team approach

  Selling shopping centers and other cluster groups  How to make group presentations with improved speaking skills

  Selling media buyers

  Selling long-range campaigns with increased creativity skills

  Problem-solving ad campaign workshop exercises



Executives, Managers, Program Leaders
“How to Give Effective Presentations
with Improved Speaking Skills”

 Let Bob’s practical, easy to follow techniques enhance your speaking and presentation skills, as well as those of your sales and/or management group.

Participants will learn:

   What makes an effective presentation  Simple relaxation techniques before your presentation

  How to arrange the meeting room for maximum effectiveness

  Planning, organizing, and presenting your thoughts into a stimulating message

  Voice vitality, modulation, and projection  Use of outline or notes in presentations

  Use of visual aids

  How body language and movement can give a more animated, exciting presentation.


Publishers / Management
“How to Recruit, Hire, Train, and Keep
New Salespeople”

Bob has 15 years management experience with a highly successful suburban newspaper group and has been Executive Director of a large weekly newspaper association for 10 years. His consultant work with management enables him to be on the “firing line” and to be a problem-solver in the real world of business activity.

Participants will learn:

  Recruiting – preparation and sources/advertising.  Interviewing – checklist and job description.

  Selection of right people.

  Training procedure utilizing a first 3-month checklist.

  Motivational/coaching – work ethic expectation,  6 month evaluation report.  An overview of why people leave the business.

  Keeping salespeople – being sensitive to their  needs.


Publishers / Management
“Branding Your Company’s Image in the Marketplace”

As a full-service advertising consultant, Bob has conducted hundreds of public relations and image campaign projects for clients.

Participants will learn:

  Analyzing your operation – facilities and people.  Mission statement – philosophy.

  Community projects – building top of mind awareness.

  Use of effective publicity.